You can sew your own way! Get inspired by our library of templates, ideas and how-to's... 

Let's start with the basics - here's a quick video for how we recommend to prepare your needle & thread and start adding your crosses to your accessories. 

Now you've mastered the basics, here are some cool examples of how we have stitched up our Chasing Threads travel accessories to make them totally unique. 

 We love colour! Grab a set of Rainbow Threads for a magnitude of multicolour personalisation options. We recommend sewing along your destinations in a rainbow of colour for an awesome result like this one. Use our Rainbow World Template to help. 
Alternatively, use a different colour thread for the trips you've taken each year. 

 Rainbow destinations stitched on Navy Travel Notebook with Rainbow Threads

For an even bigger effect, use the threads to stitch your flight paths and track your movements over the globe. This works particularly well on the Natural Tote Bag with Rainbow Threads.

Don't just stick to crosses! On the larger accessories like the Tote Bags or Travel Notebook you can add arrows to pinpoint your destinations. Shown here in gold thread on the Navy Travel Notebook

Or spend a little longer by filling in whole countries with stitches or making multi-colour patterns from crosses, lines and zigzags, like this example on the Grey Passport Cover.

For a really simple and effective way to mark where you live, or a special place, stitch a heart using the example from our Travel Icons Template - stitched here in pink on the Pink Travel Wallet.

Use the other icons like trees, arrows, planes or bikes from the Travel Icons Template, sewn here on the Navy Tote Bag using Rainbow Threads.

When it comes to the Luggage Tags we don't think you can beat the 3D initials sewn in similar colour tones. The 3D letter pattern is included in with the tags and are easy to follow, but take a little longer to complete. 

Try out our simple 'Bon Voyage' pattern stitched here on the Pink Travel Wallet with some extra flower details added. 

 Optical Illusion pattern stitched in gold on the Navy Travel Wallet

Monogrammed letters stitched on Mint Travel Wallet

Finally for the pros out there - sew on your own family portrait to our Wallets or  Jewellery Wraps! There are loads of examples online to help you design your own stitched avatar. This is a portrait of my brother & his girlfriend on the Brown Stitch Travel Wallet

We hope you're feeling inspired, but check out our Pinterest or follow us on Instagram for more inspiring stitch ideas!